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ICT Toolbox in the experience economy

Usus og Agderforskning er partnerne i prosjektet "ICT Toolbox in the experience economy", et forskningsprosjekt som er finansiert gjennom Nordic Innovation Centre (NIC).

Rapport gjenkjøpsundersøkelse 2012Novadis er prosjekteier, og prosjektet er et samarbeid mellom partnere i de skandinaviske landene:

  • Alexandra Institute - Århus
  • Nordlandsforskning - Norge
  • Usus - Norge
  • Agderforskning - Norge
  • Innovative Opplevelser - Norge
  • North Iceland Marketing Office - Island
  • Icelandic Tourism Research Centre - Island
  • JAMK Universtity of Applied Sciences - Finland
  • JKL Innovation - Finland

Prosjektet har følgende hovedmål:

"The projects main objective is to contribute to the creation of a common toolkit for the use of  ICT in the Nordic tourism industry as the digital revolution has revitalized the way we travel. The Internet has become wireless and mobile. Online information, the tourists’ main source of information and inspiration, is being mediated ‘on the hoof’ through e.g. smart phone applications. These increasingly mobile ‘word of mouse’ communication frames how today’s tourists use the Internet and social medias as informants, both when planning and booking visits and shaping the storytelling of their experience afterwards, furthering the potential marketing appeal of destinations in question."

Seniorforsker Tor Helge Aas i Agderforskning forskningsansvarlig for Usus.


Digital Toolbox: Innovation for Nordic Tourism SMEs, Nordic Innovation June 2014 (pdf 3,6 MB).
Open Service Innovation in Experiential Tourism Firms: An Explorative Study- paper presented at The 5th ISPIM Innovation Symposium - Stimulating Innovation: Challenges for Management, Science & Technology, Seoul, Korea on 9-12 December 2012.

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