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Usus figur samtale

USUS works closely with a number of research and skills environments in Norway and abroad, and participates in research in the fields of travel, experiences and culture.

Important local partners

Agder Research (Agderforskning) and the University of Agder (Universiteter i Agder, UiA) are powerful local partners for the cluster. Agder Regional Research Council (RFF) also make an important contribution to the work done within the cluster. Innovation Norway, Agder is another important local external partner. See links to these partner below.

Import national and international partners

In addition, USUS assimilates expertise in professional areas and themes identified as areas of initiative for the cluster.

One of the special things about the USUS network is that the partner enterprises benefit greatly from working with heavyweight research and skills environments both in Norway and abroad. Either through all or some selected partner enterprises participating in the research projects, or via skills transfer to all enterprises following on from a given project.

The USUS network has teamed up with a host of professionals and skills environments nationally and internationally in those areas where USUS runs operations. Some of our most important external partners are (all websites in English version):


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